12 Pack Styrofoam Foam Ball Filler For Slime Mini Beads DIY Craft Kids Toy 12 Colors

Package contains 12 packs 2-3mm colorful foam balls in 12 colors to meet your various needs.
Suitable for children of 3 years old and above.
We guarantee to use premium materials instead of doping recycled materials or waste, and undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure the balls are non-toxic and tasteless. And the balls are strong and difficult to crush with bright colors.
Early education material: children DIY handmade material, kids can draw a variety of patterns on the balls, to create a decorative effect showing their personality, to develop children's infinite imaginations. Gift Packaging: can be used as gift boxes, glass bottle fillers, to decorate your gifts.
DIY Crafts: suitable for children or adults to DIY handicrafts, lightweight and beautiful with bright color, strong and difficult to crush.

Product Features:
Rich colors: a total of 12 colors, colorful balls to attract kid's interest, improving their ability to distinguish color.
Hands-on ability: for DIY handicrafts DIY, exercising your children or students' hands-on ability and improving their creativity.
High-quality raw materials: our products are strictly tested, and we guarantee to use high-quality raw materials to make foam balls without adding recycled materials and waste, so they are safe and non-toxic.
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Diameter: 2-3mm
Material: Foam
Colors: 12 colors: Orange, red, orange, pink, hot pink, blue, green, light yellow, purple, white, black, mixed color.
Quantity: 20000pcs per pack.

Use Range:
DIY crafts, gift box fillers, pillow and plush toys fillers, children's early education materials, etc.

Package Contents:
12 packs X 2-3mm colorful foam balls

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12 Pack Styrofoam Foam Ball Filler For Slime Mini Beads DIY Craft Kids Toy 12 Colors

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